Quality Learning Environment: Chinook's Edge School Division

The Quality Learning Environment is a document that is being created by staff within Chinook's Edge School Division. This document is still a DRAFT and will continue to evolve throughout the 2011-2012 school year.

  • The QLE will be based on sound educational research related to teaching and learning.
  • There will be authentic, transparent engagement of educators throughout the district.
  • The process will build commitment through stakeholder contribution rather than compliance.
  • Updates will be provided to staffs through school based administrators and key teacher groups (Teacher Matters, AISI, and Special Education Liaisons).
  • Updates will be posted on this site as feedback is obtained from stakeholders.

The framework and description of the elements of a quality learning environment (big rocks) below are intended to outline high leverage points around instruction. The focus of this model is on instruction (teaching and learning) and the experience of our students. This model does not include everything that happens in schools. We acknowledge the critical importance of the need for such elements as strong classroom management, the need to create global citizens, character development and connecting to community. We believe that many of these elements, although not specifically identified are embedded in the big ideas within this model.